Xeo Transmitter

Xeo Transmitter
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  • Xeo Transmitter 

    • Xeo Transmitter
    • Sources sonores analogiques via RCA stéréo ou Minijack 3.5
    • Sources sonores numériques via optique Toslink et Mini USB
    • Transmet un signal numérique sans fil aux enceintes Xeo
    • Résolution absolue du CD 16 bit/44.1 kHz, supportant 24bit/48 kHz
    • Aucun logiciel, aucun plug-in, pas d'adresse IP, pas d'installation

    Ajouter toute source musicale à laquelle vous pouvez songer:

    • Portable ou Tablette – USB
    • Ordinateur PC ou Mac – USB
    • Macbook Pro – Mini Toslink
    • Lecteur  CD – Toslink
    • Lecteur Disque dur – Toslink
    • Lecteur  en Streaming – Toslink
    • Amplificateur/Préampli – Pre-Out Stéréo
    • Préampli Phono–Pre-Out Stéréo
    • Sonos et Squeezebox – Toslink
    • Télévision ou décodeur Câble/SAT– Sortie Stéréo ou Toslink
    • iPod, iPad, Smartphone, Tablette – Sortie casque Minijack
    • Station d‘accueil – Sortie Stéréo, Minijack, Toslink
    • Apple Airplay – Airport Express via Mini Toslink


    Xeo is Multi Source. Xtremely versatile. Upgrade your iPhone, iPod, iPad, TV-set and marriage in a single bold move. 

    Naturally adapted to a multi-source environment, Xeo perfectly improves your relations with all sources of musical bliss. Up to four of which can be connected to the Xeo Transmitter inputs. These inputs can then be easily selected on the Xeo loudspeaker’s remote control. 

    With the Xeo Transmitter you don’t need D/A converters, soundcards, preamplifiers and speaker cables – making listening to music as natural and carefree as possible. The Transmitter receives music from an analogue or digital sound source and transmits it wirelessly to the powered Xeo loudspeakers. In simply breathtaking clarity and quality. It can receive music digitally via USB cable or Toslink optical cable, or analogue via RCA Stereo cable or 3.5mm Minijack cable. 
    The Xeo Transmitter needs no software, no plug-in and no IP address. It streamlines all your acoustical needs with the simple flip of a switch. While giving a new meaning to that old design statement „less is more“: „Nothing“ is even more more. Unplug and play. 

    •    Xeo is wireless
    •    Xeo is high end
    •    Xeo is multi source
    •    Xeo is multi zone

    Technical Specifications
    Transmitter signal frequency 2.4 GHz
    Wireless signal resolution / sample rate 16 bit / 48 kHz
    Frequency response 20 Hz – 22 kHz
    Typical input voltage RCA: 1 Vrms, Minijack: 250 mVrms
    Input impedance RCA: 11.4 kΩ, Minijack: 8.2 kΩ
    Power Supply Adaptor: 100 – 240 V
    Micro USB: 5 V / min. 500 mA
    Weight 0.148 kg
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 120 x 32 x 90 mm
    4.7 x 1.3 x 3.5"

    xeo trans (audio_xeo.pdf, 323 Kb) [Télécharger]

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